Samsung adds iPad Mini to list of Apple patent infringement allegations

The iPad mini is now the target of Samsung’s patent war on Apple. The Korean tech company is hitting back at Apple, after the latter accused Samsung of infringing on its patents for some of their products. Samsung says that the wireless technology used in the iPad Mini infringes on patents that it had acquired.

According to reports, the upcoming patent war will also include a fourth-generation iPad which the Korean company says infringes on its wireless technology as well. Another Apple device that is being targeted is the fifth-generation iPod Touch. Samsung is not sure whether the American tech company has infringed one of their patents (No. 7,672,470) for the volume control mechanism of the device.

Apple had been given permission to poach Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note devices, just as Samsung targeted Apple’s iPhone 5 in the patent war. Apple did not comment on the issue, but it will surely be aware of the situation.

According to a court filing, Samsung has informed Apple about the intended infringement contentions for the products and as the case is still in the discovery period, Apple will have sufficient time to respond to the allegations regarding the iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPad 4.

The trial is set to go ahead in 2014, even though no official date has been set at this time.

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