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Verizon iPhone May Come In The Month Of February

Gadget Herald: The Verizon iPhone may come into stores in the month of February 2011, as there could be a possibility of an announcement next week by the company, a certain source claimed. The reason this has become obvious, is because Apple has blacked out all its employee vacation requests between the 3rd and 6th February, and this signifies that the company is working on a portable handset for Verizon, and it could be launched during this time period itself.

There were reports which claimed that Verizon is going to announce the launch of this handset next week, till now it was considered a rumour, but after Apple took an action over the vacation requests of its employees, then this made it sure enough that Apple is certainly working on something.

Sources also say that Verizon has a tradition of launching handsets on Thursdays, and Apple has nothing else coming up, so the 3rd February is the perfect time for the company to release the iPhone 4G. Other rumours on the block state that the iPad 2, too will launch in this time frame, but there are no sureties about it.

Source: VentureBeat

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