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T-Mobile withdraws BlackBerry devices from its stores

Telecom company T-Mobile announced that its stores will no longer stock BlackBerry devices. The recent announcement by the company only further confirmed the fading importance of BlackBerry, the company which paved the way for others when it comes to on-the-go e-mail.


David Carey, the executive vice president for corporate services said that T-Mobile will continue to ship BlackBerry devices to customers who specifically want them and the majority of those customers are business users. T-Mobile is known for its aggressiveness when it comes to pricing and is more oriented towards consumers than to business customers.

The announcement from T-Mobile came after it was announced by BlackBerry that it was giving up on the consumer market, where it could not compete with Apple Inc’s iPhone and devices using Google’s Android software. Prem Watsa, the Fairfax Chief Executive said that he was confident that the proposed deal would go ahead, as BlackBerry accepted a share offer from Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.

Watsa, while talking to reporters, said that the company is currently struggling, but it is likely going to achieve better results in a private setting. He said that in a private company there is no speculation as to what happens every quarter or every six months, while the management team will focus on building it over time.

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