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Samsung to develop iris security system

Samsung is planning to develop an iris detector s as to improve its security systems for the future mobile devices. Rhee In-jong, the Samsung senior vice President sad that there are many ways to enhance the use of biometrics in mobile devices.

samsung iris

The president specified that Samsung is interested in developing the Iris detection which allows the smartphone users to scan the eyes of the users if the iris matched what the device has in its memory. The biometric technology these days has become a highly preferred technology in terms of security.

Samsung had first used the technology in the Galaxy S5 which was launched in April 2014. The iPhone 5S followed about seven months later. Rhee added that the cutting edge in biometric technology however, the president did not reveal when the technology will be available in the devices. The new security feature is more likely to be integrated in Samsung’s Knox platform which is a mobile security software which is designed to make smartphones more protected especially in workplaces.

Rhee improves the development of Knox and there are about 87 million devices which come embedded with the knox. In recent times the mobile companies have been more concerned about the security factor in their smartphones.

Photo Credits: Softpedia

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