Microsoft to launch new smartband

Microsoft next to enter wearable device market after Samsung and Apple.

Recent reports have claimed that Software giant Microsoft is preparing to launch a new smartband. The device will reportedly be cross platform compatible, which means that it will be compatible with Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

microsoft smartband

On the side of the wrist, the device will have a display which can display messages. This announcement from Microsoft will mean that the company is showing its seriousness of setting foot in the wearable device market.

The upcoming device is expected to be slim and similar looking to the Nike Fuelband. Microsoft has reportedly installed 11 sensors in the device which has a mixture of Texas and Atmel instruments.

The device is also likely to display smartphone based notifications. The smartband will also be able to track a users’ footsteps, heart rate and calories burned. The information can be provided throughout the day and the band will also work with current apps which are provided by Microsoft.

The new band is expected to be launched in October which is sometime in the fourth quarter, likely to be priced near about $199 it will be in close competition with Samsung’s Gear Fit.

Photo Credits: Techrail

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