Stream music on Twitter embedded within tweets, messages

A recent tie-up with SoundCloud will let users stream music on Twitter embedded within tweets and messages.

Users will now be able to listen to music on Twitter directly from their Timelines or messages thanks to a new tie-up between Berlin-based music company SoundCloud. The feature will be added on Twitter through ‘Audio Cards’, which will be added through an update of the Twitter application on iOS and Android.

Twitter Audio cards

A variety of content may be accessed through timelines or direct messages. Twitter has already promised users that they will get access to audio from SoundCloud partners like Coldplay, David Guetta, Warner Music and the Washington Post.

The announcement made by Twitter via a blog post, also claims that Twitter is working with other partners to get more content for its users. Currently, only a few select users were able to use these ‘Audio Cards’ like popular DJ Deadmau5 and the White House. However, the microblogging site has said that the ‘Audio Cards’ feature will now be rolled out to the general public.

The feature is not only limited to music, but also podcasts and news. Any announcements by the President’s office may also be streamed to your device.

Users must tap on the tweet to start the audio playback and those who want to return to browsing may do so by ‘docking’ the playback widget with a single swipe of their finger.

The company also added, “Many more musical artists and creators will be able to share exclusive, in-the-moment audio to millions of listeners on Twitter.”

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