Apple issues warning over Chinese iCloud security breach

After Chinese cyber criminals breach security of iCloud, Apple issues a warning to its users.

Technology giant Apple has issued a warning to its users of a potential threat to its iCloud service. On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 several newspapers and online journals reported that Chinese cyber criminals have breached the iCloud security and accessed user information. The reports also claimed that the Chinese government had backed this cyber attack on the US-based company.


This security concern comes only after a month of the ‘Fappening’, where an apparent iCloud hack had led to the dissemination of nude pictures of famous Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Mary E. Winstead. On their support website, Apple said, ” We’re aware of intermittent organized network attacks using insecure certificates to obtain user information, and we take this very seriously.”

Chinese cyber criminals used a tactic known to security experts as ‘man-in-the-middle”. In this method, the cyber pirate could create a diversion that led victims to a fake page, which looks authentic. Once they sign in with their credentials, the pirate is alerted of the information, who can use it to collect user data.

Activists from China have blamed the Chinese government for the attack and believe it is a reaction to Apple selling its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China. In their new phones, Apple has introduced new encryption techniques that will safeguard its users’ information. This was reported on

Apple still maintains that its servers have not been breached, but still urges its users to make sure they use a trusted browser to access iCloud. Apple’s iCloud is a cloud storage facility that users can use to backup any data on their phone to an external server.

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