Lenovo launches world’s lightest laptop Lavie Z at CES 2015

Chinese multinational computer technology company Lenovo has launched its new laptop LaVie Z at the CES 2015. The company has claimed that the new LaVie is the world’s lightest laptop. The new device is so light that the users will actually feel like they are handling a kid’s toy.

lenovo lavie

The new LaVie Z has two variants: the first one is a basic laptop model and the second one is tablet/notebook hybrid model with touch screen. The devices weighs just half of the weight of a MacBook Air. The LaVie laptops come with an Intel Core Processors, the first one with an i5 and the second one with an i7 and both come with a 128 GB flash storage.

However, the devices aren’t less expensive as the basic version has a price tag pf $1299 and the second version comes at $1,499. Both the models will be available for purchase in May 2015. The devices are so light that you have to actually feel it to believe it. The manufacturing process has done all the magic for instance the forged metal construction of the notebook and building the display directly on the lid instead of having two separate pieces.

The whole unit can be lifted with just a thumb and a forefinger, yet Lenovo has made sure that no compromise is done in terms of quality.

Photo Credits: techreport

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