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Nintendo to shut down Club Nintendo

Japan based gaming company Nintendo has announced that it will shut down its Club Nintendo rewards programme. The Club Nintendo Rewards programme was started in May 2002 and from April 1, 2015 the company will no longer include product registration cards games.

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From April 20, 2015 Nintendo will also shut down the ability to register games from Nintendo e-Shop and Club Nintendo will completely shut down on September 30, 2015. The firm released a statement whichs said, “All Club Nintendo features, such as signing up as a new member, logging in as a registered member, earning Stars, and exchanging Stars for items from the Stars catalogue, will no longer be possible from this date.”

The statement also warned that gamers that they make sure that they use all the stars before the cut off date. On the other hand the game company also said there are still many items up for offer in the Stars Catalogue like Mario Gulf Balls and Luigi relaxation suit.

The executive VP of Nintendo America thanked all the members of Club Nintendo for their dedication to the Nintendo Games and their love for the characters and systems. The company is also planning to introduce a replacement programme but not many details of it are available as of now.

Photo Credits: gametrailers

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