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WhatsApp bans users using third party applications

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has banned some of its users for 24 hours for violating some of the terms and conditions. The users were reportedly using the third party app known as the WhatsApp Plus, which is a third party app.

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Many of the users who are facing the ban have reported it on some of the social networking sites including Google+, Facebook and Twitter. The users of the third party application have been asked to uninstall the third party application and download the original version of the application.

The service added that it does not have any relations to the WhatsApp Plus application and that it will not bear any responsibility if any information gets leaked while using the messaging app. WhatsApp added that WhatsApp Plus is a malware and that people, who share secret information can be at risk as the info can be passed on to a third party without their knowledge. The messaging app also said that people must refrain from using such third party apps for their own security.
The messaging app has also mentioned about the reason in their FAQ section and said that WhatsApp Plus is an application which is not developed by WhatsApp and is not even authorized by WhatsApp. It has also warned the users that WhatsApp Plus has source code that cannot be guaranteed by WhatsApp.

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