Instagram unveils emoji feature

Picture sharing platform Instagram has introduced a new feature that will prompt the users to use emoji on the hashtags and create a new way to find the pictures that are the most relevant. The hashtags can no have multiple emoji or a combination of emoji and text.

Emoji instagram

A spokesperson from Instagram said, “Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language, and nearly half of Instagram captions already feature an emoji”. The emoji was first develop to be used in Japanese text messages but has now become enormously popular for texting, tweets and other messages. These have colorful icon, that show the actual expressions of the words that have been conveyed.

There are a wide variety of emotions, animals and foods. Earlier in April, more than 300 new emoji were launched on the iOS platform and the majority of them have been added to the new skin tones to the face, bodies and hand characters.

Some of the top emojis that are currently used in the Instagram captions including the laughter and crying face, ‘OK’ hand gesture and the blowing -a-kiss face. Instagram is an online social networking site that helps the users to share pictures with friends and public.

Photo Credits: techradar

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