Try These Exclusive Headphones With Your New iPhone 7


If you have started using the new iPhone 7, you may have noticed that this new device does not feature the standard 3.5mm audio jack pin we are used to. As a result, using earphone and other wired audio output applications have taken a new turn. Audiophiles must dig extra deep into their pockets to purchase all sorts of aftermarket accessories to achieve this. If you want quality music, it is worthwhile to try these lightning headphones with your new iPhone 7:

1. The Audeze El-8 Headphones

Audeze El-8 Headphones

These headphones are perfect for music lovers willing to spend some extra cash for the passion and feel of good music. Retailing at around $800, Apple promises users a music experience with a wider sound spectrum, thanks to the planar magnetic driver in place of moving cone speaker.

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2. Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Earphones

Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Earphones

The Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Earphones is an ideal option for iPhone 7 users on a tighter budgets. These bud type earphones cost about $50 on Amazon and feature a soft silicon finish. They are very comfortable on the ears.

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3. Phillips Fidelio M2L Earphones

Phillips Fidelio M2LThese stereo earphones do not feature a microphone. They are designed to mask most outside noises acoustically. They have a Philips Bass Reflex System to handle low frequencies with incredible clarity and cost around $189.95.

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4. JBL Reflect Aware Earbuds

JBL Reflect Aware

These earbuds cost $199.95. For this price, you get waterproof earbuds that suit all your sporting needs. They do not feature a microphone but is the perfect choice you do not have to worry about sweating.

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Don’t Want to Invest in Earphones? Simply Try Using The Dongle!

iPhone Dongle

The dongle offers a one-time solution designed for everyone else who would desire to get the 3.5mm audio out jack. It includes a standard iPhone 7 USB port on one end and the standard 3.5mm port on another end of a relatively short cable. This set up can be used together with other types of earphones. The dongle is cheap and retails commonly at $9.

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