Oculus Touch Review – Essential Rift Add-On Now Available in Markets

Oculus has improved it’s VR experience by adding a hand presence

Oculus has found a way to make the virtual reality gaming experience a lot cooler with the new Oculus Touch. The fun of using motion controls connect the players with the virtual reality environment by being able to use their hands in the virtual world. The touch controllers are smaller in size making it comfortable for the hand to grip or what Oculus calls ‘hand presence’.

Until now the Oculus Rift VR experience has been limited to experiences relying on standard video game controllers or remote controlled headsets. These crescent moon shaped controllers arrive in pairs, one for each hand and are not as bulky as the HTC Vive Wand.

What You Get in The Box

The packaging is simple and straight forward. The box contains two Oculus Touch controllers, a corresponding sensor, a VR connector, a free Robo Recall game, AA battery for each control and a small control adapter for the unreleased Guitar Hero VR.

All you need to do is plug, and play – whether you are adding the Oculus Touch to your Oculus Rift or are building your VR gaming system for the first time.

An automated, software-driven setup process takes you through controller pairing and calibration, with clear instructions all the way. So no need to worry about the technicalities of it!

Here are some of its features –

1. The crescent shaped controllers come in pairs for both hands that use an AA battery. The natural contours of the controllers make them easy to handle every time you pick them up.

2. The device has additional details like being able to point using your index finger or giving a thumps up.

3. Oculus has touch sensors on the controller’s surface which is kind of a pseudo finger tracking.

4. In order to make the controllers work, a player will need a minimum of two sensors which are plugged into a USB 3.0 port.


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What we like about the VR Hand Controllers –

1. There is freedom of movement and the set up for the controllers is not a hassle since they can only be plugged into an extra sensor in the PC. The controllers work well to with the hand motion.

2. The controllers are comfortable . Games like Unspoken and Superhot provide fantastic experiences because of the mobility they add to the Rift’s virtual reality. Superhot for instance, has player options like ripping weapons from the enemy and even ducking from gun fire in slow motion.

3. Even after several games there is no feeling of nausea, headache or dizziness.

Here’s what doesn’t work for us –

1. Setting up controllers might be easy but sometimes these controls might not work the way one would want them to. Sensors may occasionally fail to pick up movement.

2. Occasional system hiccups might disrupt the world virtual reality is trying to create.

Despite a few minor details that are still being improved on by the designers, the Oculus Touch is a must have especially for virtual reality players. It offers an enhances VR experience that is unparalleled by most of the other VR devices available in the market currently.

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