Easy ways to clean any kind of smartphones


Your smartphones are devices that remains always by your side. It comes with you in the kitchen, remains at your desk, touches your face (no matter where you are and in what condition you are) and a few people also take it to the bathroom. One out of every 6 smartphone shave fecal matter and was found in a study done by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We attend to touch many places which are contaminated like ATMs, public toilet handles and other similar public properties. They contain germs and they can be harmful as you can easily get in contact with infections.

Talking about a way to keep your devices clean, Apple has advised not to use any liquids or disinfectants on the gadgets, but the iPhone maker has given a detailed list of ways to keep the phone clean depending on the model you have. Motorola has suggested that you can use a mirofiber cloth with a little water. The Google’s Pixel phone can be used with a household soap if necessary.

For the waterproof phones, you can make a solution with rubbing alcohol and distilled water and pour it in a spray bottle. Rubbing alcohol sanitizes and also evaporates quickly. Spray the solution on the outside of the device and wipe it with a cotton swab. For the non-waterproof devices, Lysol has advertised that the wipes are safe to be used on the electronics like smartphones, tablets and remote controls. It can be carefully used to wipe the screens and the back of the phone.

For those who are still worried about using disinfectant, you can consider options like Phonesoap which is a device that uses UV rays to kill 99.9 percent of germs on the smartphones. It costs about $60 and can be bought from Amazon. If not you can simply use a microfiber cloth to clean your device.

Photo Credits: Helping Australia blog

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