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Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders not longer include Galaxy Earbuds


So far the customers of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus were being treated with a free pair of Galaxy Buds on pre-orders. But now it seems like Samsung has run out of the free Wireless earbuds for pre-orders. Now instead of the Galaxy Bugs, the South Korean giant is offering a $130 eCertificate which can be used towards select products on the website of Samsung and the Shop Samsung app.

The company has so far not clarified what those products are but it can be assumed that the customers can spend the $130 on accessories for the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10 Plus. The customers can probably also pick up the Galaxy Buds when they go on sale on March 8, 2019. The picture is still not clear but the fine print of the promotion said that the free Galaxy Buds were available while the supplies last. This has also meant that Samsung is likely to allot a certain number of its wireless earbuds for the Galaxy S10 pre-orders and that the supply had ran out.

Even otherwise the news has not affected people who are eyeing the Galaxy S10e as the pre-orders for that phone did not include the free set of Galaxy Buds. The new pre-orders did not include the $130 eCertificate. For those who still want to have their hands on the Galaxy Earbuds can check out the list of the best true wireless earbuds available.

Talking about the shipments dates, the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus has missed the March 8, 2019 launch. The Prism White Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB of storage for instance will ship by March 22, 2019. So the buyers should not be surprised if their Galaxy S10 pre-order does not arrive at the doorstep on the day of launch. Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers.

Photo Credits: Techxplore

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