Apple assures it will notify consumers if iPhone upgrades lead to slowdowns


The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority, which is a consumer watchdog in the UK said that Apple has agreed to clearly notify the consumers if future iOS software updates slow down or change the performance of an iPhone. The watchdog had investigated the issue after Apple in early 2018 had said that it had deliberately slowed down the processors speed through a software update on some of the iPhones to extend the battery life.

Due to the revelation by the tech giant, it had led to a pressure from the public to provide discounted $29 battery replacements that were cited by the company as one reason that the iPhone sales during the previous holiday quarter had slowed down than expected. However, that program has ended. Meanwhile, Apple has already set aside money to pay for the class action lawsuits that had accused apple of intentionally shortening the life Apple products to drive customer updates.

The UK government on its website said, “To ensure compliance with consumer law Apple has formally agreed to improve the information it provides to people about the battery health of their phones and the impact performance management software may have on their phones”. The watchdog added that the company is required to tell the consumers about the software and battery health which is something that the company was already going through software on the iPhone as well as a letter on its website.

On the other hand Apple believes that its iPhones were not defective and that the performance management feature introduced with the iOS updates 10.2.1 and 11.2 was intended to and had successfully improved the customer’s user experience. But the company did not make any misleading statements or failed to disclose any material information. The Cupertino based company added that it has accrued the best estimate for the ultimate resolution of such matters. Meanwhile, in the US the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission sent questions to Apple over the update but the outcome of such investigations is not yet clear.

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