Tesla launches wireless charging pad for Model 3


American electrical engineering company Tesla is all set to expand its range of phone accessories with its official in-car wireless phone charging pad for the Model 3. The charging pad is now available for purchase from June 4, 2019 and is compatible with the Qi-enabled phones including the iPhone 8 and above along with Samsung Galaxy S7 and above and the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL.

As expected from the company the new charging pad fits nicely in to the chassis of the vehicle. However, as the users can expect from the company, the charger is surely not cheap. The device is at present priced at $125 and has an estimated shipping time of two to three weeks. It can also be noted that there are third party products that are available that offer the same function for a much lower price.

Tesla on its website says, “Featuring a non-slip, silicon surface with easy installation and enough power to charge two phones at once, the Wireless Phone Charger is perfect for any sized device”. The statement from the company stated that the users have to just drop the Qi enabled smartphone on the centre console’s phone tray for a quick and secure charge without the need of cables. The product images have shown two Qi-enabled phones charging side by side with the charger tucked in to the lower-half of the central console.

The charger also comes with two USB cables and a snap-on bottom piece so it looks like the installation will be easy. The company has sold wired phone charging cable for the Model 3 for a while now and is available in Lightening, USB-C and Micro USB variants for the users who want to charge their phones through the central console. Tesla has earlier sold a Tesla-branded wireless phone charger but that is portable and is not designed for the Tesla vehicles.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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