Apple to kill production of MacBook Pro 15

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Apple gadget enthusiasts have always looked forward to new gadgets. The company in that department has never disappointed its fans and is looking forward towards a progress. Apple is planning to get rid of its MacBook Pro 15 inch before 2019 runs out and that will be replaced by a rumoured upcoming 16 inch model. The latest speculations come from analyst firm HIS Markit contend Jeff Lin, who is the research and analyst director at HIS. It was also the source of the previous rumour that all-new MacBook Pro 16 inch will be launched later in 2019, despite another respected analyst revised its own prediction to a launch date closer to 2020.

Lin says that the MacBook Pro 16 inch will go to production in September and Apple will be taking back its 15.4 inch version as the larger version will be taking its place. The analyst director added that he had a confirmation from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and panel suppliers that the production of the MacBook Pro 15 inch would be ceased in November and added, “I am pretty sure that MacBook 15.4-inch will be EOL [End-of-Life].” However, Lin added that the speculation must be taken with a dose of caution and his original assertion about new MacBook Pro 16 inch has also been backed up by another leading daily.

With the latest prediction Lin sounds fairly confident. If this turns out true, then it will not be long with more speculations will begin to surface. It has also been asserted that the MacBook Pro 16 inch will make use of Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh processors as already seen in the current MacBook Pro 15 inch. While the 16 inch model is obviously bigger than the earlier version, the screen of the new version will have slimmer bezels. This means that the overall laptop chassis will not be any larger. People who have recently invested in the MacBook Pro 15 inch might feel a little disappointed if the bigger version surfaces this autumn.

Photo Credits: PCMag

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