Spotify launches improved subscription plans for families


Digital music streaming service, Spotify is upgrading its Spotify Premium Family Plan with some new features due this week. The new features are being introduced as it will help the users to manage their subscription better and give them more control. With the help of the new update, parents will be able to control what kind of content their kids and other family members can listen to.

There is also a new explicit content filter that parents can enable on other accounts that will prevent the children from listening to songs with explicit content. The new option is available through the new Family Hub where admins can now manage all their Family’s settings in one place. A new playlist for families is also being launched by Spotify. It is known as Family Mix and is a personalized playlist that is updated regularly to include the songs based on the taste of the entire family.

A similar idea was also tested with its Duo Mix for couples. The good news is that Spotify is not increasing the price for the Premium Family plan despite the new features. The company has said that the new features are launching in Ireland first and it will be rolling out to other markets this fall.

Spotify is a Swedish media service that was found in 2006.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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