Vivaldi Technologies launches browser for Android


Web browser developer Vivaldi Technologies has announced that its web browser Vivaldi has been launched for Android. The fresh beta release is fully featured and includes end-to-end encrypted sync for the passwords, notes, bookmarks, open tabs and more of the users. Vivaldi is focusing on the power users while the mobile browser also becomes packed with more advanced features and the list is surely expected to grow as the company comes up with more ideas.

Apart from sync, the Vivaldi mobile users will also benefit from the features like screen capture, that allows you to capture the visible area or the whole page, Notes, Speed Dial, private tabs, book mark manager, search engine nick names, open recently closed tabs, reader mode, clone tab and a download manager. Most of these features might be typical and pretty common, but it is nice to see them ready and present for the beta release.

The lack of the browser’s present on the mobile front is one of the reasons, why the browser has remained niche. Many people have kept the browsers like Chrome and Safari where things like password syncing are available between browsers like Chrome and Safari, where the features like password syncing are available between the desktop and mobile environments. With the Vivaldi browser introduction on Android, there are hopes that it will increase the user share to chip away and Google’s monopoly in the browser space.

The Vivaldi for Android will work on the devices that run on Android 5.0 or higher.

Photo Credits: engadget

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