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New and redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold have new ways of breaking

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Much awaited foldable tech, Galaxy Fold by Samsung was unveiled earlier in 2019 besides the S10. Despite high expectations, the device failed to keep up and faced issues related to its longevity that were brought to light only in April, 2019. After the problems surfaced and went viral, the pre-orders of the Fold smartphone were cancelled in June, 2019. This was when the company took its time to make all the essential changes with the help of the feedback and is now finally ready to be bought commercially.

Despite the changes made by Samsung, it still might face a few issues related to durability as the device is still vulnerable to break. One of the reviewer opined that the Fold’s screen broke within a day of usage. However, it did not happen in the similar way the earlier device did, but the incident surfaced a completely new issue. The Fold that was used by another reviewer showed a patch in the centre of the screen. The area was where a big group of pixels came apart and became inconvinient due to the central replacement.

The user reasoned that it might have happened due to pressure on the screen while closing the device. The company had advised to  use a slight touch while opening or closing the device, but the reviewer argued that they followed the company’s advise but still the Fold broke apart. As it was told earlier, Samsung has issued a big list of measures that will avoid any breakage. Some of the measures are obvious while others sound strange.

But still it can be said that the issues on the redesigned Galaxy Fold are not like the same it had faced with the original and the South Korean giant has surely tried its best in being careful while redesigning. At the same time another leading daily did not find any issues while using the redesigned Fold.

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