Google set to roll out dark mode for Maps and Gmail

dark mode

Dark mode has been in news and is also one of the much awaited features in the products by Google. The search engine has started off to launch the dark mode for its email service Gmail and navigation service Maps, for the operating systems including Android and iOS. Maps and Gmail are two of Google’s most used and important applications on the web. The Dark mode has started rolling out , but not everyone might be able to use the mode.

A representative from Google confirmed about the news in a social media message that it has begun rolling out the power saving mode for the email service in the fresh update. The representative added that the end user with iOS 11 and Android 10 along with the new versions will soon be able to see the latest button for the dark mode in the Settings tab. Company representative also informed that for the meantime, the new battery saving characteristic can only be used by people who have iOS 11+ and the Android 10+. Users who have iOS 11 and Android 10 in their device can update to use the dark feature.

Google has earlier hinted about the dark power saving feature for the navigation application as well through its official Android account on the photo sharing site Instagram. Going by the post, the feature might already be live on Android 10 OS, but so far no idea has been given about iOS. Meanwhile, some of the uses of Reddit have already noticed a few hints of the dark feature on the navigation app in some of the older gadgets.

For now for majority of the iPhone users, they should not face any issue while updating to the newer version of iOS that supports dark mode. But this might cause a concern for the Android users, specifically those who run custom skins on the devices. It is noticed that such users received updates after a delay.

Photo Credits: Gadget hacks

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