Microsoft launches keyboard with dedicated Office and emoji keys


Keyboards from Microsoft have been popular among the users and have been loved by them for the ease of their usage. The software giant, is all set to introduce a new keyboard that will have a dedicated button for emojis and Office. This is not the first time the tech giant has experimented with dedicated buttons. The company has earlier tried to add the Office key on its keyboards earlier in 2019. Now Microsoft is all set to introduce a sleek Bluetooth Keyboard that will have the dedicated emoji button as well.

The Office key will be placed in place of the right hand Windows and is used to open the Office for the Windows 10 operating system. The Office key on the keyboard can also be used as a shortcut to launch some of the useful Office tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and others. For instance Word can be opened by pressing the Office Key with W and Excel can be opened with the Office Key and X.

It is not just the Office that is going to be handy for the users, but the new emoji Key will soon make to the keyboards. The button will allow the user to launch the window from where the users can pick up an emoji. A dedicated emoji key on the Microsoft keyboards seems to be a unique idea. With the upcoming development, it seems like Microsoft is focusing on its new and upcoming hardware for the businesses. Office is majorly used in business firms and the use of emoji is on a new rise.

The US based software giant has adopted the new trend of including the Office and emoji keys, but it cannot be said if other hard ware companies also adopt such ideas. There are many keyboard that come with the Windows key. The new keyboards were showed off at an event by the company at the Surface event and the customers will be able to purchase it from October 15, 2019.

Photo Credits: Microsoft

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