MacBooks to eventually drop Butterfly Keyboard by mid 2020



Apple is one of the finest tech manufacturers the tech industry has. Its premium devices have always grabbed headlines and have the best potential than other products in the market. Popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for his accuracy of predictions and analysis with the products of Apple, has this time said that the new MacBooks  would have the good old scissor tech on their keyboards.

Apart from Kuo’s predictions, it has been predicted by many that Apple is all set to release its MacBook Pro (16 inch) that will drop the Butterfly design  hardware and would feature the old scissor method. Analysts across the globe believe that the Butterfly tech will be surrendered and the old scissor keyboards will take its place, it is also expected that future laptop line-up of Apple would follow the suit by mid 2020.

Laptops with the modern Butterfly tech, was implemented to give users a design assuring light weight that was not possible earlier. The trend started with the MacBook (12 inch) that was launched in 2015. But soon, complaints started pouring in and the new design started giving trouble. Such a design was dust  and even the keys got stuck at times. Many of the users also reported that sometimes the press of the button was not registered. Such issues kept surfacing and the Cupertino based company was not left with a choice than to ditch the Butterfly tech, though this is just the beginning.

Despite the customer agony, the company offers a lucrative and fair product exchange for the Macbooks for those who have defective keyboards. The latest improvement in terms of the keyboards are expected to permanently solve the issue that has been bothering Apple since many years. The 16 inch MacBook Pro will mark the beginning of the change in keyboard generation and a closure the to Butterfly tech design.

Photo Credits: Macrumours

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