Google offers free Home Mini for YouTube Premium subscribers

home mini

Search engine giant Google is once again ready to give away some free gifts for its users. Google is giving away its Home Mini for free. The much awaited yearly hardware event by the search engine is just round the corner and before that, the company is giving away from freebies. The upcoming event is expected to be held on October15 , when it is expected to unveil its second generation Home Mini.

A free Google Home Mini will be given away to the YouTube Premium subscribers. However, not all the users are getting the pop-up to claim the free gift as it is random. At present it seems like the promotion is constricted to the users in the U.S. For now it cannot be said if the free gift offer will also be extended to other countries as well. The Google Mini is otherwise priced at $49 and the company is giving it for free. But the customers will just have the bear the shipping charges which can be around $5 and will depend on the location of the subscribers.

The premium subscribers of YouTube can check if they are eligible or not. One of the ways is to simply open the app and hit the Google Assistant with the help of an Android device. The winners of the Google Mini will be able to see a button that says “Get Free Gift”. When the button is tapped, the users can enter the address to which the device has to be shipped. This is not the first instance when the search engine is giving away the Home Minis for free. Google has earlier treated its premium users of YouTube and the Google One subscribers.

Google earns most of its revenue from advertising and is heavily dependent on the personal data of the subscribers. This means that the subscribers might not be paying $49 for the Google Home Mini but are sharing some valuable personal information.

Photo Credits:Wired

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