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Samsung launches Premiere service for Galaxy Fold

galaxy fold

South Korean giant Samsung managed to grab attention with its much awaited foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. The product is premium and comes with a premium price as well. For such a premium device, the company has launched a premium service for all the Fold owners. The Galaxy Fold is finally available and the Fold Premiere Service is now available for the US users.

Under the premium service, all the Fold users will get the privilege to have an exclusive support via a video chat. The video chat can be made through the Member’s app or the conventional voice calls. Moreover, if the person is at the appropriate location they they will also be eligible for in-person tutorials. Under the Premiere Service, the Fold owners will receive a discount on the maiden replacement of the folding screen, which is actually delicate. The replacement cost will be reduced to $149. This particular discount offer can be useful for almost all the users as some of the tests conducted by external sources have predicted that the inner screen might not be as durable as the company has claimed.

While talking about why, Samsung is providing such premium support, might be the fact that it could be an understanding between the company and the user that the Fold is not just expensive but also experimental. Moreover, a buyer might have a few high expectations when he is paying a whopping amount for a device that is so delicate to handle. It can be an added support from Samsung and an assurance that the company does give you a back up when you are on the go and are a little careless while handling such delicate and expensive devices.

Samsung recently released the new redesigned device after the first reviews of the device had revealed some major flaws that were related to how durable the Fold was.

Photo Credits: Pocket Lint

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