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Hey Robot is a fun game to test Alexa

hey robot

A new board game is here to put to test the smart assistants at home. There can be many times when the users might have found it tough to get things done by the assistant and that it exactly the base of the game. The board game is known as Hey Robot and gets the players to get Alexa or other assistant to say a word before the opponents can.

The players in the game are given a bundle of words and the assistant has to figure out what that word is without reciting the word in any form in the question. Frank Lantz, is one of the creators of the game and says that the game works because the assistants are not perfect and do have a few flaws. The creator of the game added that it might seem easy at the beginning , but the players would soon realize how complicated it can actually be. The game is surely challenging and the players would realize the actual depth of it when they get in to it.

Game creator Lantz is known for developing and creating games like Universal Paperclips and Drop7. He revealed that the idea of making Hey Robot came from Lantz and his wife Hilary when they were trying to have some fun with Alexa at dinner time. The couple began with a guessing game and named it Alexa Tennis and later moved to more names. Lantz added that they were instantly hooked to the game and would stay up late all night as they tried different words. The game has been ultimately created by Lantz, his wife Hilary, their son and daughter-in-law and are publishing the game through their company Everybody House Games.

The game has been priced at $30 and is expected to begin shipping in March, 2020. The players will soon notice improvements as and when the improvements are seen in the assistants.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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