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Nintendo to release multiplayer upgrade for Mario Kart Tour

mario kart tour

The Mario Kart Tour is the mobile version of the Mario Kart by Nintendo is all set to get its first update with real time multiplayer. The update is due to be out in December, 2019. However, before the update is officially rolled out, the company will be first testing a beta version. The multiple-player test will only be released to the players who have subscribed to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass. The price of the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass is $4.99 per month and allow the subscribers to the fastest speed class 200 cc of the mobile karting game along with other cosmetic perks.

Another perk is the early access to multiplayer and is also a way for Nintendo to keep the multiplayer segment to limited gamers for now. The Mario Kart Tour was released for Android and iOS devices in September 2019 by Nintendo, but the game did not feature the multiplayer mode, which is an important portion of the franchise. Instead of other players, the gamers raced with other computer controlled opponents.

The game is currently in the Halloween themed event going by the festive season. It includes the new racers Waluigi, Luigi and King Boo and there is also a witch costume for Rosalina and some new tracks. The game was announced by Nintendo in January, 2018 and was released in September 25, 2019. It is available on the App Store and the Play Store.

The game has different difficulty levels from 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc which has been classified according to the speed. The Mario Kart Tour is a little different compared to the other installments as the driving is pretty much automated like the acceleration and jump boosts. It includes features from some of the past games like underwater racing and hand gliding. A few more exciting features also make the game more interesting for the gamers.

Photo Credits: Daily Express

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