New WhatsApp update will stop people from adding users to groups


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that has constantly added new features for the convenience of the users. The makers of the app have now added a new feature. In the new update, the users will no longer be added to the group chats without their permission. The feature has been added to the Android and iOS users. The new feature can be found in the privacy settings of the messaging app and there are three options that are available. The users can opt to authorize – Everyone, My Contacts or My Contacts Except…

The final option is where the users allow the users to blacklist some of the contacts you do not wish to entertain. They will be forced to send any group chat invites only through private chats. The users will then have three days to determine if they want to accept the invite or not. The update was first rolled out in India in October but will be available for the users across the globe from November 6, 2019. The new feature is the latest in the number of updates that the messaging app has received in recent times.

WhatsApp recently also introduced an update that allows the users to watch Netflix trailers while still in the app. However, the Netflix feature is currently limited to the iPhone version of the app and also means that WhatsApp will no longer have to leave the app to preview content. It will be the same way how videos of Instagram and YouTube can be viewed from within the app.

The instant messaging app also has biometric security support that will allow the Android users to secure WhatsApp with a fingerprint that will prevent other users from sneaking in to the messages. In the upcoming months, the messaging app is also expected to introduce the biggest update which will be the support for the Libra Cryptocurrency of Facebook.

Photo Credits: Livemint

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