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Samsung new foldable phone to be unveiled soon


South Korean giant Samsung seems to be more ambitious with its foldable devices. After launching the Galaxy Fold in recent times, the company is now all set to unveil a new foldable smartphone in the segment. YThe information on the foldable devices was given out by DJ Koh, the CEO at Samsung , who said that it is going in full speed with the foldable devices in 2020 and are planning to increase the sales of its foldable smartphones in the upcoming year. Koh added that the gadget enthusiasts will be able to see more foldable smartphones coming up.

However the promise was made at an earlier event in 2019 at the Samsung AI conference. But at that time it seemed like he was referring to Samsung along with the other brands who are also looking forward to launch their respective foldable devices. Flexoble OLED panels are mainly manufactured by Samsung and LG, so on that basis it was predicted that Koh might be informed about the upcoming projects related to the foldable devices.

The company has earlier previewed the foldable smartphone that had a clamshell design which was showed at the developer conference held in California. It was reported that the clamshell design of the foldable phone by Samsung got a positive response from the audience. Koh had then also said that it is planning to improve the sales of the Fold that is priced at $2000 and is planning to sell 6 million of the gadget globally by 2020. The company CEO has also assured that more details of the new foldable smartphone would be unveiled soon.

But the foldable device with a clamshell design will not be the first to arrive in the market but the Motorola Razr is preparing for a launch and is all set to be launched o November 13, 2019, which is just in time for the holiday season in America.

Photo Credits: Slashgear

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