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Nintendo launches The Stretchers for those who want a light hearted game

The stretchers

Gaming giant Nintendo has suddenly launched a new game known as The Stretchers which is a crazy Ambulance game that will surely interest the gamers. The game is available at the Nintendo eShop and is a multi-player game where the gamer along with a friend have to pick up people and put them in the ambulance and ferry them to the hospital and it certainly looks very funny. The Stretchers game has been launched by the makers of Tarsier Studios, who have also made Little Nightmares.

The game goes like there is a town where the occupants suddenly become sick and this is when you come to action and take them in your ambulance. The gamer along with a friend have to manage a stretcher and have to go through different obstacles and pick up people. After picking up the patients, the gamers have to drive the ambulance to the hospital as they will have to pass through different pastures and people’s backyards as well.

The game is yet to be launched in North America but is expected to be launched soon. The Stretchers has been priced at £17.99 in the UK. In the multiplayer mode, every ambulance worker can be controlled by a second person while using the other Joy-Con by Switch. Going by the theme, it seems like it has been designed by keeping in mind co-operation but it can also be played solo.

Nintendo has always surprised its gamers with different games of different segments. The Japan based consumer electronics and video game company was established in 1933 and was earlier known as Yamauchi Nintendo. It has its headquarters in Kyoto Japan. It started off as a card company but them slowly shifted in to toys and video games. Today Nintendo is one of the largest video game giants in terms of market capitalization. Some of the top sellers of Nintendo games include Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokemon.

Photo Credits: Nintendo

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