Facebook launches meme creator Whale


Memes have become a trend and are largely shared by web and mobile phone users. There are a number of applications that already help the users to build fun memes. The NPE (Non-person entity) team of Facebook has launched a third party app that creates memes and is known as the Whale. The NPE is a division inside Facebook that will help to build apps which are consumer friendly. At present the application allow the users to decorate the pictures with the help of stickers and photos and creates memes that can be shared on the social media and can also be sent as a text message to friends.

The concept of the application is now new as there are a number of applications which are available on the App Store and has similar features. But the only advantage it has that it is free to use and does not have any in-app purchases or any subscriptions. Users who are using the Whale, can take a picture o can also select a picture from their picture gallery or take out from the stock images that the app has to create a meme. The canvas layouts that the app offers includes blank, 4-grid, 3-grid and 2-grid. The images can then be give a personal touch by the users by adding emojis, text, effects, filters like laser eyes, vortex or bulge.

The users can make the memes more personalized by using their own image stickers with the help of the tools like crop and cut. People who have an artistic hand can use the freeform drawing tool also. The bad news here is that the Whale app is not available for download in the US and is only available in Canada for the time being. Canada has been the home market for other NPE apps like Aux and Bump.

The actual goal of the NPE team is to experiment with new ideas.

Photo Credits: The next web

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