Google Assistant now has new feature My Storytime for kids


Search engine giant Google has launched a new Assistant feature that can be a blessing for parents. The new feature is known as My Storytime that will begin reading stories to the kids when one of the parents is away from home . A parent can record a story or one of the chapters of the stories while the other parent or the baby sitter can ask Google Nest to read out the recorded story to the children.

The only effort the users have to make it to record the story which needs a little of a set up but it is surely easy to do. The users need to visit My Storytime website and log in to their Google accounts which is connected to the Nest speaker. They will then asked to make a number of recordings which are not long enough but short that will help guide storytime through the Nest. It will include the phrase like “Which story would you like to hear?” The Nest will also keep asking if they should keep reading or if they want to listen to that chapter again. The device can also be asked to read a different story.

The files that have been recorded by the users will be saved on the cloud but can only be accessed by people share them with. Apart from a Google account, the user needs to have a Nest device as well to make use of the feature. When the short clips were tested, they sounded fine from the web interface and they would surely sound good from the Nest device.

Apart from keeping the kids engaged, it can also be a great feature to keep the family together at times when one of them is away. The Artificial Intelligence by Google made its maiden appearance in May 2016 and was a part of the messaging app Allo by Google.
Photo Credits: 9to5google

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