Google to rollout Incognito Mode for Google Maps

Google Maps

Search engine giant Google is rolling out the Google Maps Incognito Mode for the iOS devices from December 10, 2019. The users of Google Maps will no longer have to depend on Android devices if they wish to keep the Google Maps activity private. The new mode will give the users the same ability to search and navigate locations without leaving any trace behind on the account or the location history.

At the same time it is not going to affect the Assistant Queries or prevent the outsiders from snooping in to the Google Maps Traffic. The service has been created so that even Google does not know about the whereabouts of the users as to what they have been looking for. Even the Android users are getting more control of their privacy.
The users will be able to bulk delete from the timeline and will also be able to remove the group of places that they have visited without the need to get inside the settings section of Maps while specifying date ranges. This can also be helpful when the users are particularly looking for gifts for your partner and it could spoil the surprise when your partner borrows their phones.

However, the users will have to wait till the feature is actually rolled out. There are chances that even the holiday season might be missed but they will surely be ready for a rollout in the New Year 2020. Google Maps has always been receptive to the user feedback and has constantly introduced new features in the app to make it more user friendly. In recent times Google was in the limelight when it was accused of compromising with the user’s privacy. This is the reason, the search engine giant has introduced the feature to maintain the privacy of the users and does not allow others to know about their whereabouts.

Photo Credits: Techspot

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