Sonos to stop providing software updates for older products


US based consumer electronics company Sonos has said that it will stop giving software updates for its products which are the oldest. This means that some of the oldest products by Sonos will no longer get any new updates from May, 2020. The devices that will be affected will be the ‘legacy’ devices that are currently a part of the trade-up program and includes all the Sonos Zone Players, Connect:Amp, first generation Play:5, the CR200 controller, The Connect and the Bridge. The company has also clarified that it applies to the devices which are manufactured between 2011 and 2015. On the other hand the new hardware by the company would continue to receive updates.

The American company in a blog post also warned that if the software updates are not installed, then the access to the services and even the overall functionality and working of the device will be affected. This happens as the partners constantly introduce new technology. Sonos has also given a choice that the users can continue to use their devices even after the support ends or can replace them with a modern Sonos which will be available to them on discount. It cannot be said how long the device will be able to function without any software update.

But still the company has stressed that the legacy devices should continue to work even when it stops receiving any updates, but the users might face an issue when things are related to the streaming services. For instance, if a streaming service like Spotify makes a change in SDK then that would need a more powerful device and this is when the older products will become useless.

The decision announced by Sonos today has stressed that Sonos continues to make quality products and it has also claimed that 92 percent of the devices that it has shipped remain in use even today.

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