Apple offers repairs of iPhones at your door step


Competition has surely surged among the smartphone manufacturers. While many smartphone manufactures are luring the gadget enthusiasts by introducing new features at the least possible prices, others are trying their hand in offering the best service. Apple has surprisingly started offering such a fresh repair service that will reach out to you personally. One of the authorized service providers will reach out to the office and will repair your smartphone at the comfort of your home.

The service was first found on the support site of Apple. The customers or the Apple device holders can now access the on-site repair option apart from the in-store and main-in service that already exists. The support page of Apple has mentioned that the onsite service will be available at selected locations. The repair services are being offered through Go Tech Services, who calls itself as an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

For now the website of the company has clarified that the onsite service is only available through the support site of the Cupertino based company. Even otherwise the onsite repair system is right now available only at selected locations like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and San Francisco in the US. Moreover, it only covers certain kinds of repairs. The support site has mentioned that the onsite repairs will be available for iPhone screen repairs, but it is still not available for other devices like the iMacs.

The service is also not available for other kinds of repairs like battery replacements for iPhones. Apple has also clarified that it will be charging for a fee for the onsite repairing apart from the repairing charges. However, Apple observers are aware that this is not the first time the company is offering onsite repairs, as the Apple Care for Enterprise had offered the service only for the organizations that have devices numbering in thousands. But limited repairs do come with a fee.

Photo Credits:  cult of mac

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