Alexa can now provide traffic updates with weather alerts


It depends on the place where you live, getting traffic updates can be unpredictable. This become another task to check just before you leave for work. But not anymore as Alexa is here to make things a little more easier to plan the commute. Alexa will help to make it easier to commute through the traffic with the help of the new voice control skill. The users can just ask Alexa about your commute that include directions and traffic conditions.

The best part is that the users will also be able to send the information on their phones. The users will get a notification on their device and they will have to tap it and the preferred map application will be opened that will provide with the appropriate route and guidance. Google Assistant has been doing this for some time and now it is time for the Amazon customers to enjoy the new convenience. Another factor that affects the commutes is the weather and the users can just tell Alexa to warn them when there is a severe weather alert. The users will be then notified in case there are storms expected.

Apart from the traffic updates and commuting features, you can also catch up with your favourite program on TV that you have missed and can watch it on any of the Alexa-enabled device that has a display. If it is your NBA game then the users can also mention about which team’s highlights they wish to watch or just tell Alexa to play the NBA highlights to make it simple.

Even the updates about the upcoming US presidential elections has been coming at a fast pace and it has become tough for the users to keep pace with it. The users of Alexa can ask for an update on the latest information on the polls along with candidate positions and the recaps on the debate.

Photo Credits: Big News network

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