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Xbox and PlayStation networks being adjusted as demand increases


Usage of internet across the globe has increased to a different level. This has happened due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has forced many people to work from home and have set up their desktops at home. While some are working at home with their official work, others have decided to take up gaming to kill time. Tech companies are taking effective steps to deal with the sudden rise of internet usage and are making sure that the services remain unaffected. Record level of engagement is seen in terms of online games and two of the major companies like Sony and Microsoft have assured that they watching the situation closely related to Xbox and PlayStation.

Dave McCarthy, the Xbox Product Management president said that the company is having a close watch on the situation and is making temporary adjustments as per the needs so the service goes smooth for the gamers without any outage. Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony in a blog post said that it is also making its efforts the issues that are related to the internet stability. Ryan added that the gamers in Europe might experience some slow and delayed game downloads but could continue to enjoy gaming. Nintendo was also reached over the current situation, but it said that it does not have anything to announce as for now.

This is surely testing time for the tech industries, as most of the employees are working from home and are depending on their internet connections to get their work done. While many are following self-isolation the bandwidth is being stretched to a different level. There are a few telecom companies like T-Mobile and Verizon, who have been given freedom to deal with the current scenario and manage it on their own levels. Services like YouTube and Netflix have also brought down their services to ease the congestion. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected a number of people and has forced many cities to be locked down.

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