Spotify launches exclusive application for kids in the US


Audio streaming platform Spotify had in 2019, started testing its family-version of its application for some of its premium customers in some of the selected countries. In recent times, more kids have ended up spending more time at home due to lockdowns because of the coronavirus outbreak. The music streaming app has now launched Spotify Kids for the children in the United States. The best part is that the application also has a complete “wash your hands” playlist that will teach the younger generation some hygiene lessons amidst the critical time of the coronavirus pandemic.

The company made an announcement on March 31, 2020 that the new family-friendly application has 30 percent more content and has 8,000 songs, stories and playlists which is enough to keep the children engaged through the lockdown period. Spotify through a blog post said that this is a time when most of the kids are spending time at home due to the pandemic and they are working hard to launch the application in the U.S., France and Canada. The pandemic has brought the education of the children to a standstill since the schools have been closed. So Spotify also has some educational content and has a playlist hub known as Learning which helps the children to learn new things in a fun way.

The playlist has songs that teaches children how to cough and sneeze in to their elbows and also teaches them some of the basics of hygiene. Apart from educational content, there is also bedtime content with lullabies and tracks which have soothing music for the toddlers to fall asleep fast. There is also music from the mainstream section and include content from the companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Discovery Kids.

Amidst the privacy issue being highlighted, Spotify has clarified that the application has been built while keeping in mind the safety and privacy. The Premium Family plan costs $14.99 for up to six users residing in the same address and a standard premium plan costs $9.99 for a single person.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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