Sony announces establishment of $100 million fund for coronavirus affected


Sony has also come forward to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Healthcare professionals, children, educators, and creative communities are those who have been affected the most and need help. Sony has announced an establishment of $100 million through Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19. Sony corporation had announced about the establishment of the huge amount for relief on April 1, 2020. However the tech giant has not yet clarified as to how it is going to distribute the amount among the ones who are affected. But one thing is sure that every sector that has been identified by Sony will receive some help.

The announcement mentions that Sony through the fund will provide assistance in three sectors. The first will be those who are the frontline workers involved directly in the fight with the virus. The second is support for children as well as the educators who now need to work remotely. And the third is the support for members of the entertainment industry and the creative community. All of these sectors have been identified by Sony, who will be providing assistance through the fund. A $10 million support will be provided for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO Doctors Without Borders along with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and UNICEF.

While talking about the educational support, Sony will be helping to introduce its own technologies in the educational activities. For the creative community, Sony will be bringing together the pictures, games, music and animation and will be seeking ways to support the creators, artists and all those in professions supporting the industry. About 110,000 employees of Sony across the globe will be able to provide support under the fund, but no timings and details have been announces.

Seems like, Sony is going to be pretty transparent about how it is going to utilize the $100 million fund that is expected to be distributed to the affected people.

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