Google deleting about 18 million phishing emails everyday amidst coronavirus pandemic


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has also given birth to a number of misconceptions and hoaxes on the social networking sites, online messaging platforms and emails. Search engine giant Google is making efforts by deleting about 18 million hoax emails every day as the online predators are trying their best to pick up an opportunity, by finding their victims through scam messages. Gmail has about 1.5 users on its platform and has also revealed that it is blocking about 100 million phishing emails on a day.

It has been found that majority of these people are taking undue advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and are trying to trick innocent people. The search engine has added that it is also coming across 240 million emails which are related to COVID-19 everyday. Google has assured that it has put in place a machine that learns the algorithms and detects and filters about 99.9 percent of the emails which are deemed as fraudulent which are sent to the users.

Despite the efforts by the search engine, Google has advised its users to be careful should be able to detect fake messages to avoid getting victimized. Computer editor Kate Bevan has opined that there is a sudden surge in the number of scam emails amidst the coronavirus pandemic which ahs showed that the scammers tend to take advantage of about anything to victimize people for their own benefits. Bevan has urged people to be vigilant with their emails as there might be some which might put you in a state of panic while you click in to a link.

Under such circumstances, the cyber criminals are aware that humans are currently very vulnerable. Moreover, since many people are working at home they could also miss on the security benefits and this could work as an additional advantage for the criminals. So it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that their employees are trained well on ways to spot the phishing emails.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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