4 Worst places to keep the Amazon Echo

amazon echo

The Amazon Echo has been a popular device with many of its users, who are loving it for the convenience that it gives. It has all the information that is needed, but the only thing that the users need to take care is the place where they are keeping it. Keeping the Amazon Echo at a wrong place can not just compromise your privacy but could also damage your favourite device. Here are a few places where you should not keep your Echo.

1.On the sink – A sink is a place where there is moisture and there are all the chances that the device might slip in to the sink and the water can damage the device. Place it on a different counter away from any water and away from a place where there are all the chances for a food spill.

2. Near the washroom – This can be the worst place where you can keep your Echo. This is a place where there can be plenty of germs even if you keep them clean all the time. Keep your device as far as possible from a toilet or a washroom. You can also mount it on the wall and keep it plugged to the switch so in case of a fall, they will be secured.

3. Near the window – No matter what, keep your Amazon Echo away from the windows. The reason, behind this is that it gives access of the device to the outsiders as well. The outsiders could not just access their Echo but could also access other devices that are connected to the smart speaker. There are also possibilities that they could unlock it and start it.

4. Under the TV – There are many commercials that say “Alexa Play…”. This can also activate your device. This not just interrupts but also begins to record who said that command. There are also possibilities that a private conversation could be recorded.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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