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Facebook planning to launch new Quest VR headset

The Oculus division of Facebook is planning a new version of its popular Quest, which is its only virtual reality headset. The news seems to be great for the gamers, but the device is facing a few delays due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has caused delays in its development and also affected the global supply chain. Some of the unconfirmed reports say that Facebook is working on a number of potential devices to the Quest.

There are a few models in testing which are smaller in size than the current Oculus. Since they are smaller, they are also lighter and have a faster image refresh rate for a better realistic content. People familiar with the matter, on the condition of anonymity revealed that the new headsets have controllers which are redesigned. Facebook is yet to finalize as to which version of the Quest will be released as the final product is expected to have a number of new features.

Earlier the social networking giant had planned to launch the new model by the end of 2020, but due to the current situation, it seems like the launch would not be possible till 2021. Talking about the versions which are currently under testing, some of them are about 10 to 15 percent smaller than the original device which makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear. The model that already exists weighs 1.25 pounds and the one which are under testing weigh near a pound.

There are possibilities that the company could launch the new Quest beside the current one or it could also decide to replace it completely with the new one. The Oculus was acquired by Facebook in 2014 as it saw a lot of VR potential in future of digital communication. Mark Zuckerberg had then predicted that the VR would become a technology for people to communicate with each other through shared experiences.

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