WHO to release COVID-19 app for countries that could not develop its own


A number of nations have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. One of the major measure that was taken during this situation was developing a dedicated app for the convenience of the people to know if you have come in contact with a patient with coronavirus infection. While a number of countries have developed their own tracking apps, some of the countries could not do so. For those who could not develop their own tacking app, Bernardo Mariano, from the World Health Organization, in an interview said that they will be releasing an app that will be helping people to do a self assessment. Mariano added that the app will be released globally later in May, 2020.

The WHO representative added that the application would be helpful for those countries which do could not have a customized version of their own. The organization is also focusing on adding a feature of contact tracing which is important in the current pandemic situation. When a person gets infected of coronavirus, the authorities first get down to contact tracing that finds people who have come in contacted with the infected person recently. The WHO has also talked with Apple and Google in terms of using their joint tracking technology. Mariano also revealed that legal and privacy issues have stopped it from going further.

However, the iPhone giant and the search engine giant have promised to give a decentralized system that will help to keep the data anonymous. But there will still be a risk of the company making use of the data in future to make revenue. The harsh fact is that even the basic symptom application can be harmful.

An application that would be globally available can have potential to better inform people and also prompt them to get themselves tested. Contact tracing is the need of time and could be helpful in containing the virus quickly.

Photo Credits: Deccan herald

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