Amazon Echo can help recreate sounds of public places


The coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown forced many people to stay inside their houses. Many people had to cancel their travel and holiday plans and could not also visit the local beauty salons or pubs. But now Amazon has brought a simple way to ease the lockdown blues a little. The e-commerce giant has launched a few Alexa Skills that could help in some way. All the users need to have is an Amazon Echo or an Alexa-powered smart speaker.

The new feature will allow the users to ask the voice assistant to recreate the ambient sound of some of the places that you might be interested in visiting. The location sounds are specific and are picked as per the study of 2,000 British people who talked about the places that they might have missed most during the lockdown. It could be anything from a busy café, a football stadium and could also have the sounds of a commute on a busy motorway. If the user wants to try to hear one of such sounds they just have to say “Alexa, play café sounds” or “Alexa, play stadium sounds” and the wireless speaker will do it for them.

This could be helpful, as it could take some time when people would actually be able to hear the sound of real-time stadiums. Amazon has said that the crowd audio has been created by EA Sports and has recorded the real stadiums during the earlier live matches, which means that it is going to surely sound authentic. The users will also have an option to turn off the sounds, if they want to listen only to the commentary.

Due to the lockdowns, as a safety measure, the governments across the globe are not allowing people to gather in large numbers which means that the public transport and public places will not be allowed to have a crowd as a safety measure. It could take some time to get things back to the old normal.

Photo Credits: The ambient

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