Mophie and InvisibleSheild launch UV Sanitizers for mobile phones


Smartphones and mobile phones are known to be the carriers of bacteria and viruses. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic it has become important for people to maintain good hygiene and also keep the mobile phones germ and virus free. Since the smartphones cannot be washed with water, the market is slowly having UV Sanitizers that help to clean the delicate devices. Mobile manufacturer Zagg is one of the companies that is coming up with the trend and its brands Mophie and Invisible Sheild will now offer UV Sanitizers.

The new Mophie UV Sanitizer can accommodate a mobile phone that has a 6.9 inch screen. The device can not just sanitize the mobile phones but can also sanitize other smaller objects like earbuds and credit cards. The company has claimed that the Mophie UV Sanitizer has the ability to kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria that is most commonly found on household-items and makes use of the UV-C tech. It finishes the process in five minutes. The best part is that the device is Qi-enabled and allows the phone to be charged as well white it is getting sanitized.

The users have to just place the phone inside a case that looks more like soap box. On the other hand the Invisible Sheild’s UV Sanitizer has UV-C bulbs to run the sanitization cycle and can accommodate a 6.9 inch smartphone and can kill 99.9 percent of the germs. But this device does not have the mobile charging feature. For both the devices, the smartphones have to be placed inside the box and a button has to be pressed to begin the process.

The Mophie UV device can be grabbed from and at the Verizon stores at $79.99 while the Insivible Sheild’s device will soon be available at the InvisibleSheild’s website and also at the major retail stores for $59.99. The device looks promising, but it is still not clear as to how effective will it be against coronavirus which is trending right now.

Photo Credits:  Acquire Mag

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