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Sony launches rechargeable personal air conditioner


Tech giant Sony has launched a new personal air conditioner that has been designed to fit into a person’s shirt collar. This means that Sony has managed to make things really personal here. With the new innovation, the device creates a cool environment around the torso even when they are outside. The new personal air conditioner is called as the Reon Pocket, which is a small wallet-sized device that can be operated with the help of a smartphone app.

To accompany the device, the company has also launched custom t-shirts that have a small pocket at the back of the collar that can hold the device. Sony has claimed that the device can cool down the temperature of the person wearing it by 23 degree Fahrenheit if it is set at a maximum power and is allowed to run for five minutes. However, that does not mean that the device can only be used during summer.

During the winter season, the device can generate warm air and can increase the body temperature by 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The device has a rechargeable battery and Sony has claimed that it can run continuously for around 90 minutes but it takes a full two hours to be recharged. The Reon Pocket is currently available in Japan and can be bought through online retailers. But the sad part is that Sony does not have any plans to release it for other markets for now.

The device could be priced at $130. Sony had shared about its plan about the device in 2019 and had then said that it would be released by 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where the summers are usually hot and humid. The Tokyo Olympics has been postponed to 2021, but Sony has decided to go ahead with the launch of Reon Pocket. Some of the early reviews from the customers seem promising but a few have also found it a little disappointing.

Photo Credits: My Modern Met

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