Google Maps adds a new feature to inform about trends of COVID-19 in locality

Google maps

Popular navigation app Google Maps will now be showing information about the spread of the coronavirus infection across different states, counties and also some cities. With a number of nations trying to unlock amidst the pandemic, it is essential for people to be careful and be informed about the infection rate at the place where they are about to travel. There is going to be a COVID layer in the app that will hint about a seven day average number of confirmed cases in the area. The figure that would be displayed would be per 100,000 people.

The figures would be displayed with the help of color code on the case rate and the labels that will show if the cases are going up or down. The new feature is expected to be launched for Android as well as iOS as early as this week. The fresh feature on Google Maps will provide more information to the users and help them to decide where to go and what they could do.

Some of the public health experts along with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also known as the CDC has recommended to the general public that they keep an eye on the spread of the virus in their area and that they should also be able to calculate the risk of some of the activities. For instance, the parents need to be aware of the transmission in the local community so they can decide if sending their kids to the school would be safe or not. Or even the families could decide in advance for a holiday.

This will also mark one of the features by Google Maps that would be related to the coronavirus pandemic. It also includes alerts about the mandatory face mask rules in the locality and public transportation. The app also provides information about the take away options at the restaurants. The new feature will be rolled out in the US as the number of cases have started to climb again.

Photo Credits:  FOX 40

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