Google Maps gets a new update on an old feature


The coronavirus pandemic has brought a turbulent year for the entire globe. While the technology has been supportive in a number of ways, trends are changing and people now need help even for the simplest things in life like avoiding a place which is crowded. Google Maps has been practicing this service for some time and after using a simple search, the user can tap on a specific result that will allow them to see how busy the location actually is that too in real time.

The feature might not be new, but it is more relevant for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, when it is very important to avoid crowded places. But what is new is that the search engine has decided to take it to the next level with a new yet small update. The service will show indicators as to how busy the location is at present on the map. Here the users need not to tap on the results to see the status.

For instance, if a person is searching for coffee, Google Maps can then display all of the coffee places around them and those search results will have the indicators as busy, not busy or busier than usual. Such indications will be mentioned just below every location. Such convenience makes it easy for the users to know how the place is and which places are crowded and which ones are not.

There is more as for the Android and iOS users who are using the service for navigation, they will be able to see the busyness notification on the mobile app when they are setting up a new route. For Instance, if a person has to go to McDonalds and you have found a route on Google Maps then the app will display Live bar at the right below the address bar and that will show the messages of how busy they are.

Photo Credits: howtogeek

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