Google clarifies gap in Pixel 5 smartphones is an integral part of design

pixel 5

Users of the Google Pixel 5 handsets had recently brought to notice about a gap between the screen and the metal body of the phone. Some of the uses used social media and online forums while expressing concerns about the gap and if that would impact its IP68 water and dust resistance. However, the search engine was quick to clarify that the gap that has been noticed is actually an intentional part if the design and will not matter what impact water and dust resistance of the device.

The problem had first surfaced on an online forum in the month of October, 2020 when one of the users had brought to notice the problem. The user had posted a few pictures of the device while showing the gap between the display and the body. Just a day later, a Google support thread had started off and then came an official response from a Google specialist. The specialist after an investigation was able to confirm that it was a normal part of the design and added that if the customers continue to remain concerned, the search engine would work on them on an individual basis.

Some of the forum posts had said that the gap was more visible in person than in the pictures. However, here were a few pictures that surfaced and had managed to actually show the gap the users were concerned about. At the same time none of the users reported about any damage from dust or water due to the gaps. There were also users of the Google Pixel 5 who said that they did not have any such gaps while hinting about the production differences.

The bottom line is that nobody has reported about any damage due to the gaps as shown by the pictures surfaced online at the forums. Some of the users said that despite not having a bad experience they got their device exchanged anyway.

Photo Credits: XDA Developers

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